Financial Services Council launches Empower Women

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May 9, 2024

The Financial Services Council (FSC) was delighted to launch Empower Women. This new initiative includes the merging of Women in Super NZ and enhances the focus on the financial wellbeing, empowerment and inclusion for women.  

“Empower Women is designed to open further opportunities for the financial services sector to work collaboratively in furthering the financial confidence and wellbeing of Kiwi women,” said FSC CEO Richard Klipin.

“It was great to see the sector come together at the sold-out launch event. The amount of passion in the room was palpable.”

2023 FSC research showed that 69% of Kiwi women do not feel financially prepared for retirement, faced more barriers to financial wellbeing and retired with less than Kiwi men.

“With the merger of Women in Super NZ, this new home under Empower Women within FSC will prioritise inclusivity, allyship and furthering better outcomes for women,” said Mr. Klipin.

“Empower Women is a new initiative which everyone is invited to join and participate in, a true focus on collaboration and breaking down silos. You do not need to be in the financial services industry to participate and yes, we would love men to be involved,” said FSC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Co-Chair, Tracey Cross. 

“We’re excited by the opportunities for change that this new community can aim to deliver, through impactful action. As well as supporting women’s financial wellbeing, advocating for women's specific financial and retirement planning needs and challenges, Empower Women aims to increase the number of women in leadership and decision-making positions, attracting more women to the industry,” said Ms. Cross.

“We are looking forward to working with those within and outside of the sector, government bodies and regulators to ensure that women’s financial wellbeing is factored into all conversations and future projects,” said Ms. Cross.

Empower Women is a key strategy of assisting the FSC fulfil its purpose, which is to increase the financial confidence and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.


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