Focus on Investment, KiwiSaver and Retirement at the FSC Conference 2023

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May 11, 2023

The ability to ensure you're in the room for the conversations that matter to you is what makes our Conference the flagship event for the financial services industry.

Alongside our main plenary sessions are streams and panels designed for those working in the KiwiSaver, investment and retirement sectors. 


Investment and KiwiSaver sessions and times


2.30PM - 4.30PM

Dignity in retirement: Investing adequately and equitably

This workshop will focus on the need to drive a debate across all retirement settings in New Zealand for all New Zealanders. The reality is there are trade-offs between balancing shorter-term and longer-term financial needs, and Kiwis are facing tough decisions to balance them. We will get under some of the debates happening in isolation around NZ Super retirement age and means testing, if KiwiSaver is fit for purpose and how we as Kiwis need to be supported in different ways that reflect our gender, ethnicity, career types and specific needs to achieve the dignified retirement that we aspire to and deserve. 

Followed by networking and conference welcome drinks from 4.30pm - 6.00pm.

16th August 

Breakout session 1.45PM - 2.45PM

Target 1.5 degrees: Transitioning from theory to practice

With New Zealand leading the way in mandating climate disclosures for financial services and a global ambition from COP26 to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees, how do we transition from theory to practice? This session will look at the problem of climate change, scenario planning and how our industry can effectively transition to support domestic and global aims.


Breakout session 2.45PM - 3.45PM

Bull to bear: Lifting the lid on customer perspectives

This session focuses on the customer experience about financial services from a customer’s perspective. We are seeing, in these turbulent economic times, customers doing it tough, but are we truly addressing the needs of New Zealanders? We invite customer experience experts and researchers to lift the lid on insights to help us better define our customer interactions.


Don't forget there are many more breakfast, plenary, breakout and lunch sessions across the conference in the life, health, investment and funds, KiwiSaver and retirement and professional advice sectors.