10 New Years Resolutions for FSC members

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January 9, 2023

It's a new year, and with it come the very best of intentions. If your 2023 goals involve getting more involved with NZ's financial services community, then we've got some great resolutions to add to your list:

1. Grow professionally by joining an FSC Committee or Working Group

FSC Committees and Working Groups are open to employees of all of our member organisations (though we do tend to limit it to one representative per organisation per Committee, in fairness to all our members).

They're a great way to network with others in the industry working in similar roles or with similar interests, contribute to industry-wide campaigns and projects, and develop your own career within the sector. Below are all our current Committees and Working Groups, to give you a sense of the broad spectrum of focus areas and issues our members work on.

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Get in touch with the FSC representative within your organisation to find out who else may already be involved with one of our committees, and whether there's space for you to join. If you're not sure who your representative is, just contact us to find out!

Committee members range from CEOs and senior leaders to consultants, and those still in the early to intermediate stages of their careers. Joining a Committee is not just for those with a wealth of experience; we're open to fresh perspectives from younger members with diverse views on how we can grow New Zealanders' financial confidence and wellbeing. 

2. Help organise the leading financial services conference in NZ

Our annual conferences and awards are a highlight of the year for those in the financial services industry, bringing together political and regulatory leaders, motivational speakers, the industry's leading lights, FinTech platforms, New Zealand-owned businesses those with a keen interest in financial wellbeing. 

You can help to plan this incredible event, by joining the FSC's Conference and Events Committee. If you'd like to help us organise content and speakers for one of our conference streams in 2023, email fsc@fsc.org.nz with some details on why you'd like to get involved.

3. Get equipped with the knowledge and tools for life after licensing at the Future Ready Advice Summits

Are you a FAP or financial adviser who'll be affected by the new financial advice regime commencing March this year? If so, make sure you're registered for our 2023 Future Ready Advice Summits taking place across four locations this year: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. 

Along with programme highlights including a keynote address, regulatory conversation, meet the professionals, industry young trailblazers, and a masterclass, there will also be plenty of opportunity to network with regulators, facilitators and others in the financial advice community.

Register here.

4. Have your say on the FSC Code of Conduct

Help us ensure the FSC Code of Conduct (Code) remains fit for purpose and meets the expectations of members, consumers and regulators. The Code came into effect on 1 January 2019 and applies to all FSC members, both regular and associate.

We are now conducting the first mandatory review of the Code since launch, and seeking FSC member feedback on the proposed recommendations. 

Topic card media release generic microphone

This consultation is open from 1 December 2022 to 28 February 2023. All feedback will be considered as we move through the final stage of the review process. Your feedback will help to shape the final recommendations that will be tabled to the FSC Board for approval in early 2023.

Have your say here.

5. Glean valuable insights you can apply to your business

Our research reports aren't your standard dry time gathering dust on a shelf; they're engaging, insightful and contain valuable information that will help you do business with your customers by understanding more about what Kiwi consumers are thinking and how they're behaving with regards to their finances. 

In the insurance space? Have a read of our latest research report Money and You - Taking Cover

Interested in learning more about the experiences of women and financial wellbeing in New Zealand? Read Money and You - Women and financial wellbeing in New Zealand

We'll release our 2023 Financial Resilience Index in the first half of this year. In the mean time, find out how Kiwis were faring last year by having a peek at our 2022 Financial Resilience Index

6. Engage with the financial services community online

Be the first to get all the latest news from New Zealand's financial services sector and find out about our events, webinars, campaigns and projects. Follow us on the platform/s of your choice: 






7. Start the year off with a regulatory and economic update

Tickets for Outlook 2023 with the Financial Markets Authority leadership team and economist Mark Lister are selling fast, and we don't want you to miss out! Register now to secure your place at this exclusive event on 25 January 2023 at The Cordis in Auckland. 

Mark Lister will be delivering his economic keynote for the year and beyond, followed by the FMA's Chief Executive Samantha Barrass, Director of Banking and Insurance Conduct Clare Bolingford and Director Investment Management and Acting Director, Capital Markets Paul Gregory giving an update on the expansion of the FMA’s mandate, the results of their 2022 work and their priorities for 2023. It's a great opportunity to mingle in person with your peers and learn about where things are headed from a regulatory and economic perspective. 

Register here.

8. Grow your own financial wellbeing 

Our Money and You platform is the place you'll find money tips, tricks, conversations and insights to grow your own financial confidence and wellbeing. 

There's easy-to-digest information there about retirement planning, preparing for kids, what inflation means, mental health, and lots more. 

Subscribe to Money and You here (and while you're at it, send the link to your friends, family and colleagues too!)

9. Ensure you're on top of the latest financial services industry news and updates

We send out two emails every week to our members.

Our Tuesday events email (pictured) lets you know what's coming up in terms of webinars, research launches, conferences and other in-person events, while our Friday wrap summarises the week in financial services and shares the latest updates from your chosen areas of interest. 

When you first sign up, we'll send you a weekly series of email to introduce you to the FSC and what to expect from us.

After that, you'll just receive the twice-weekly emails each Tuesday and Friday, and you can change your preferences or unsubscribe at any time.

Sign up now.




10. Not a member yet? Become one!

Here's a bonus resolution for those reading this who aren't yet members of the FSC.

Join our community of passionate and engaged members working towards growing the financial confidence and wellbeing of New Zealanders. Get access to our Committees and Working Groups, exclusive member-only news, resources and events, and the opportunity to help shape our sector for the better. 

Join now.