Money and You - The Lost Generation?

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April 4, 2022

Set against the backdrop of rising living costs, inflation, sky-high property prices, a global pandemic and the great resignation, one generation of New Zealanders seems to be feeling the effects more than others.

We ran a presentation and discussion panel webinar on 12 March, view here:


Our latest research report looks at 'generation rent', 18-39 year olds, and how they are faring in the current economic climate.

Download the research report.

ANZ’s Chief Economist Sharon Zollner, AUT Professor of Human Resource Management Jarrod Haar and Trustees Executors Chair Laurence Kubiak shared their unique perspectives on the topic at a webinar as part of our FSC Connect series.

We looked at the macro-economic perspective, the micro-level and what the real-life impacts are for New Zealanders of different backgrounds, shining a light on how the younger generation are coping.

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