Investing in volatile times: Research launch

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August 9, 2022

Today we released our new consumer research report, Money and You: Investing in volatile times. 

Watch the research launch event replay below, with experts Ryan Bessemer, CEO at Trustees Executors, Helen Skinner, Head of Responsible Investment at ANZ and Dean Anderson, CEO of Kernel discussing the findings.


With a backdrop of more Kiwis investing and the volatile markets, how we invest, view risk and risky investments, understand sustainable investing and consider privacy were all explored in our latest research, which had the following key findings: 

  1. Four in five New Zealanders are investing.
  2. Micro-investing continues to rise.
  3. 65% of New Zealanders are making risk-based decision to safeguard their wealth.
  4. 85% of respondents were unaware or unsure if they held ESG investments.
  5. Cryptocurrency is trending down.
  6. Fewer of us are concerned about online privacy and security.

The findings offer a point of comparison to our 2021 research report  The Rise of the Digital Investor in addition to shining a light on some new trends and behaviours.

This research was kindly supported by Trustees Executors and undertaken with our research partner CoreData.

About the research:

The research was conducted via an online survey developed and hosted by CoreData. Data was collected in January 2022. A total of 2,000 valid complete responses were collected, which formed the basis of the analysis and the report. The sample is representative of the New Zealand consumer population in terms of age, gender and income based on the latest Stats NZ data. According to Stats NZ* in March 2021 there was an estimated resident population of 5,116,300. As this survey only included respondents aged 18 years old or over, the estimated resident population of the sample is 3,944,700. The purpose of this survey was to understand the financial confidence and wellbeing of New Zealanders.