KiwiSaver 2050: Pathways to the Future

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September 10, 2019

KiwiSaver 2050: Pathways to the Future, aimed to kickstart a conversation about how New Zealand can make the most of the nearly trillion dollar opportunity that KiwiSaver will present in 2050 and beyond.

The discussion paper took a whole-of-system look at KiwiSaver and the broader New Zealand retirement framework and highlighted a number of key considerations and issues to address, which will be fundamental to the long-term success of KiwiSaver.

“In commissioning KiwiSaver 2050 we wanted to help start a debate and conversation about how KiwiSaver can be refined and improved in future years to better deliver for New Zealanders and our long-term health and well-being”, said Richard Klipin, CEO of the Financial Services

Read the media release.

Read the research report.

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About the research

In August 2019 the FSC asked Melville Jessup Weaver (MJW) to develop a projection of KiwiSaver over the next thirty years.

There are a number of assumptions that need to be factored and trends across a critical variables such as employee contributions, employer contributions, Government contributions, withdrawals due to retirement, all other withdrawals, investment income, investment management fees, and costs and tax on investments.

These variables have been modelled under current assumptions and design. The data has been provided from the: FMA KiwiSaver Annual report; Treasury’s Long Term Fiscal Model, and aggregate fund data as of 31 March 2019.