Focus on Professional Advice at FSC. Conference 2022

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August 5, 2022

Professional Advice is a particular area of focus during our FSC. Conference on the 21 + 22 September, with care taken to curate specialised content and speakers relevant to those in the life insurance sector alongside our main political, regulatory and main room plenary sessions.

These sessions look first to unlocking consumer demand through growth and transformation and then navigating headwinds, tailwinds and change with FAP leaders.

We also offer a discounted one-day only ticket for those advisers and FAPs wanting to follow the Professional Advice pathway during Day 1 of the conference.


Professional Advice sessions to look forward to include:

Sessions and times

Lunch 12.55PM - 1.45PM 

Join speakers from the sector regulator and government departments to debate the future of the advice sector, including growth strategies for the new advice environment. 

Breakout session 1.45PM - 2.45PM

Unlocking consumer demand through growth and transformation

This panel will debate growth strategies through M&A, capital structure and digital/technology in the first topic in the Professional Advice stream. The panel will debate digital marketing, digital advice, and portals for self-administration.

Breakout session 2.45PM - 3.45PM

Headwinds, tailwinds and navigating change - FAP leaders forum

Last but not least, join this Professional Advice FAP leaders forum of experts discussing how we position the industry for growth, the key issues facing FAPs and how to solve them.


Don't forget there are many more breakfast, plenary, breakout and lunch sessions across the conference in the life, health, investment and funds, KiwiSaver and retirement and professional advice sectors.