Access our newly-published Climate Scenario Narratives for the Financial Services Sector

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June 15, 2023

We are pleased to release the Climate Scenario Narratives and Guidance for the Financial Sector.

To help New Zealand’s fund management, life insurance and health insurance sectors through this period of new regulation and reporting obligations, we engaged EY to assist with facilitating conversations and producing a report that can be used by organisations in their climate-related analysis and disclosure.

The report is designed to support the sector in the reporting of climate-related risks and opportunities under the framework developed by the External Reporting Board (XRB). It is the culmination of nine month’s work by FSC members and others and reflects the passion of the industry to do the right thing and accelerate action to address the climate crisis.

Click the image to access the summary report below, which outlines the key features of the full report which can be downloaded here:

PC15493 Climate Change Summary (002)_Page_01

We ask that you please contact us if you would like to reference or share any part of the report. We hope you find it to be a valuable resource within your organisation, but it shouldn’t be relied on or treated as providing advice.

Lastly, we remind you that any User member choosing to rely on this Report does so at their own risk.

Download the full report here

We are also pleased to announce a new Climate Related Disclosures Focus Group open to all FSC members - find out more and register your interest.