Join the Climate Related Disclosures (CRD) Focus Group

1 min read
June 15, 2023

Get involved in the Climate Related Disclosures space in the financial services industry by joining our Climate Related Disclosures (CRD) Focus Group.

Held monthly and facilitated by Corinne McLean of Shift Advisory, the purpose of the CRD Focus Group is to continue our discussions and collaboration, not only on Climate Related Scenario Analysis (and the use of the FSC Climate Scenario Narratives for the Financial Services Sector Report), but to include all aspects of the Climate Related Disclosures Regime and consultations as they are released.

The CRD Focus Group is an opportunity to share learnings and insights with a flexible informal agenda. We may also look to invite guests along, as this style of meeting also facilitates open and more relaxed discussions with regulators and officials. We encourage members to consider and be prepared for what items they would like to discuss.

Contact us if you work for a FSC member organisation and would like to join this CRD Focus Group or reach out to the FSC Climate and ESG Lead, Head of Regulatory Affairs Carissa Perano.