Trustees and Supervisors pathway

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August 8, 2022

This pathway will cover key issues facing trustees, supervisors and their clients. With all the Trustee and Supervisor sessions on one day, this gives you the option of a one-day only ticket for the 22 September.

Starting the day with a breakfast session with our CEO panel, those on this pathway get the choice of breakouts covering a range of topics from investments to covid-19 resilience.


Sessions and times

Breakfast 7.15AM - 8.30AM

Trustees CEO Forum

In this session, we invite the CEOs representing New Zealand’s licensed Trustee Corporations to debate the issues facing investor confidence in New Zealand’s financial markets.

 8.45AM - 12.30PM

Main Plenary and Outlook 2025 with RBNZ Deputy Governor, Christian Hawkesby, followed by a fireside chat to delve further into the key issues raised.

Breakout session 1.30PM - 2:30PM

Choose between:

Real-life learnings for Trustees

“Pot pouri” session, examining real life learnings for trustees of restricted schemes, from climate disclosure to CoFI, and decumulation to privacy policy.

Value for money and getting the best outcomes for consumers

Paul Gregory, Director Investment Management and Acting Director, Capital Markets at the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) leads the debate in the session about value for money and getting the best outcomes for NZ consumers.

Breakout session 2.30PM - 3.30PM

Choose between: 

Preparing for 2050: Is KiwiSaver fit for purpose?

Here we examine KiwiSaver and debate the need for reviewing and updating, in the session 'Preparing KiwiSavers for 2050. Is KiwiSaver fit for purpose?'

In a post-Covid world, is resilience being tested?

Building Resilience and maintaining wellbeing in a post-Lockdown world is the topic for the panel in our final conference themed breakout.

4.00PM - 4.45PM

In our most highly rated sessions at past conferences, we invite to the stage the second of our two inspiration keynote speakers, to take us on a tour of the financial services sector and challenge us to think more broadly.


Don't forget there are many more breakfast, plenary, breakout and lunch sessions across the conference in the life, health, investment and funds, KiwiSaver and retirement and professional advice sectors.