Spotlight on the FSC Data Committee

1 min read
July 29, 2021

The FSC’s approach to collecting and providing industry data and insights is led by two groups.

The FSC Data Governance Committee is responsible for the overall management and governance of the FSC’s approach to collection, reporting and use of data across all product lines. This includes agreeing the scope of FSC data, steering all data projects, agreeing data access rights, and advocating for the use of data throughout FSC activity.

The FSC Data Working Group has representatives from all FSC members who are life insurance and investment providers. The group is responsible for working on the detailed processes, definitions and timelines for all data collected by the FSC. Members of this group are the key contact person in their organisation for quarterly FSC statistical reporting. This group reports to the Governance Committee.

Key successes from these two groups over the last 12 months have been:

  • Automation of life insurance and KiwiSaver data reporting
  • Publication of enhanced data through online dashboards.

The next year sees a focus on further enhancing FSC data reporting and expansion of data into new product lines.

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