Outlook 2022 with the National Deputy Leader Nicola Willis

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May 2, 2022
Watch our discussion with Nicola Willis, the Deputy Leader of the National Party and National spokesperson for Finance, and Social Investment, held on Wednesday 25 May.


Nicola Willis

Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Finance and Social Investment, National Party

Nicola Willis is a List MP based in Wellington, having entered Parliament in April 2018, and being re-elected in October 2020. She is currently National’s Deputy Leader, Spokesperson for Finance, and Social Investment. She is a member of Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure Select Committee and the Intelligence and Security Select Committee, and has previously served on the Environment Select Committee, the Education and Workforce Select Committee, and the Regulations Review Select Committee.

Prior to becoming an MP Nicola held a number of senior management roles at New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra.


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