Join in on #merrymoney - the Xmas financial wellbeing campaign

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November 23, 2023

Join in the #merrymoney campaign, aimed at sharing money tips and stories over the Christmas time.

Over on our channel where we share money tips for everyday Kiwis called Money and You, we're posting short videos sharing money stories around managing money over Christmas, and sparking inspiration in young Kiwis to start thinking about their own finances.

Viewers can be in to win prizes by commenting or sharing the videos on their own social media. 

We welcome any sharing and contributions from individuals and organisations to further the message and join the conversation.

How your organisation can join in

Contribute to building money confidence during a season which is known for financial pressure by contributing to the #merrymoney campaign.

Join in by making a reel, blog, social media post with the hashtag #merrymoney and tag us on Instagram or Tiktok

Here are the key themes as some ideas:

  • Christmas budgeting
  • Free or inexpensive gift ideas
  • Your money rules during Christmas time 
  • The best gift that someone can give themselves to improve their financial wellbeing
  • Money resolutions for the New Year

Be sure to mention that these are money tips that will not work for everyone.

Click here for more information about Merry Money