FSC applauds Nadia Lim and invites Simon Henry to join campaign to grow women’s financial wellbeing

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May 12, 2022

The Financial Services Council (FSC) has responded today to comments made by Simon Henry, the CEO of NZX- and ASX-listed company DGL, with regards to celebrity chef and entrepreneur Nadia Lim last week.

“The FSC and our members are disappointed by the comments made by Simon Henry,” said FSC chief executive Richard Klipin.

“His comments and the sentiment behind them were highly inappropriate. Denigrating a businessperson or anyone on the basis of their race, cultural or ethnic background is wrong.

“As a country we should be celebrating our diversity and our entrepreneurs for the risks that they take and the businesses that they build.”

The FSC is the industry body for the financial services sector, with a vision to grow the financial confidence and wellbeing of New Zealanders. Their 103 members, which include the major insurers in life, health, disability and income insurance, fund managers, KiwiSaver and workplace savings schemes (including restricted schemes), professional service providers, and technology providers to the financial services sector, manage funds of more than $95 billion.

The Council is currently leading a pan-sector campaign, It Starts With Action, to grow the financial confidence and wellbeing of New Zealand women.

Campaign lead and the FSC’s Head of Content, Communications and Marketing Clarissa Hirst has an invitation for Henry.

“We at the FSC would like to invite Simon Henry and the Board of DGL to support our It Starts With Action campaign,” she said.

“This is a campaign focused on impactful action, and so far 70+ supporters have committed to undertaking tangible steps to improve the financial wellbeing of women in New Zealand. From social media campaigns to internal wellbeing initiatives and meaningful conversations, our community is taking action in various ways.

“The bravery it takes to set up a new business and take a stand on tough issues should be applauded,” adds Klipin.

“We acknowledge Nadia’s career achievements and her gracious and articulate response to unfounded comments that reinforce the many reasons she is such a role model for other Kiwis in business.”

For media enquiries:

Richard Klipin
Chief Executive Officer
Financial Services Council of New Zealand
021 0233 5414 or richard.klipin@fsc.org.nz

Clarissa Hirst
Head of Content, Communications and Marketing
Financial Services Council of New Zealand
021 026 56343 or clarissa.hirst@fsc.org.nz