Modern risks of investing: Xinjiang, modern slavery and ESG concerns

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October 4, 2022

Alex Tan, Partner, PwC Malaysia, was our special guest for the 11th of October session on the modern risks of investing.

He drew on his extensive experience in the fraud and modern slavery space to share insights on the situation in Xinjiang and dive into the S in ESG and what financial services organisations operating in the Asian region need to consider. 

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Alex discusses what he is seeing in the Asia Pacific region, particularly South East Asia - an area where NZ has a number of important trading partners, and NZ companies are investing or have supply chains.

The webinar touches on the increasing enforcement action particularly by the US Customs & Border Protection and the implications for NZ businesses.

As part of this enforcement action, Alex shares his thoughts on the recently enacted Uyghur Forced Labour Protection Action and how it may impact NZ business and NZ investors.


Alex Tan is a Partner with PwC Malaysia's Consulting practice. He leads the Forensics team and the Risk Consulting team in Malaysia. He specialises in the prevention, detection and response to financial crime particularly fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest and money laundering.

Alex has over 30 years experience including nine years as an Inspectorate officer with the Royal Hong Kong Police Force and eight years with the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office.

Previously, Alex sat on the Board of Transparency International (New Zealand). He joined PwC New Zealand in March 2005 and transferred to PwC Malaysia in March 2012. He is currently part of PwC’s Global Anti Money Laundering and Anti-Bribery and Corruption working groups.

In this FSC Connect webinar, Alex will share some of his experiences in the fraud and modern slavery space in the context of the situation in China's Xinjiang region, and discuss what this means for modern investors and financial services organisations.


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