Preparing KiwiSavers for 2050 at FSC. Conference

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September 8, 2022

What are the strengths and weaknesses of KiwiSaver? How do we make the scheme more equitable for all New Zealanders? What is the FSC doing in this space? Find out at this main platform session at FSC. Conference.


This session will discuss and debate different perspectives on KiwiSaver and its purpose and future, in the context of the FSC’s proactive KiwiSaver policy development and our recent It Starts With Action campaign.


Panelists will be encouraged to consider what their own KiwiSaver will look like in 2050, before launching into a discussion about whether it is currently serving its purpose – and if not, how it can be improved. 




Trish Oakley, Head of Summer, Forsyth Barr (facilitator)



Jane Wrightson, Retirement Commissioner

Jane Wrightson -sq


Nigel Jackson, Head of Investments, Westpac

Nigel Jackson 264x264


Susan St John, Hon Associate Professor, University of Auckland

susan st john sq


Rhiannon McKinnon, CEO, Kiwi Wealth

Rhiannon McKinnon Kiwi Wealth 500 x 500


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