Friend or Foe? How ChatGPT is disrupting financial services

2 min read
April 26, 2023

AI is now disrupting industries across the world, and the financial services sector is no exception.

We recently hosted a webinar to learn more about ChatGPT and its impact on the financial services sector. Our expert panel provided insights on what ChatGPT is, the potential for the platform, and how financial services can utilise ChatGPT in their operations.

Our expert speakers engaged in a debate about both the opportunities and challenges of ChatGPT, how they've used it themselves, and what they think the future holds. 

We shared perspectives from the tech sector, communications industry, as well as those giving a governance perspective on the risks and legal issues of AI. 


Matt Martel
General Manager, BusinessDesk


Matt spent 10 years in senior positions at Fairfax Media, including as an executive editor in the company’s senior leadership team at The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review and The Age (Melbourne). In 2017, Matt redesigned Stuff’s suite of newspapers, taking them from broadsheet to compact. He joined BusinessDesk in 2019 and is based in Auckland.

BusinessDesk has been covering the New Zealand political economy and the fortunes of its listed and unlisted businesses since 2008. The platform has thousands of individual subscribers and more than 150 corporate and government subscribers. Their influential audience make decisions every day that affect how New Zealand runs, while their team of more than 20 journalists and commentators aims to help readers make better decisions for work and in their personal finances.

BusinessDesk recently launched ChatGPT-powered NZX coverage, writing articles from company announcements and subsequently cutting the time taken to publish an article to under a minute. They are also using the AI-generated summaries of key announcements to "supercharge" their share price graphs. 

Matt will share his experience using ChatGPT in a journalistic context and some of the risks and challenges the BusinessDesk team has encountered.

Neil Bryant

Head of Analytics, Data Insight

Neil Bryant Data Insight 500 x 500

Neil is Data Insight's Head of Analytics who has a wealth of experience helping clients to deliver data driven solutions across the government, finance, retail, and telco industries sectors.  

Neil has over 8 years experience in analytics, and over 6 years of this is within the finance sector, working primarily with Tier 1 banks across NZ and Australia. Neil leads Data Insight’s analysts and data science teams, and as such has been the lead on numerous analytics and data science projects. Neil has lead multiple data science projects, including propensity modelling within Data Insight for their DI Retain product, a churn modelling tool available now, as well as matching algorithm designed to match candidates to prospective jobs.