Focus on Life Insurance at the FSC Conference 2023

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June 14, 2023

Those in the life insurance sector have plenty to look forward to at our Building Consumer Confidence Conference in August, with main plenary political and regulatory sessions alongside breakout sessions for the community to enjoy.

As well as gathering high-level insights that affect the financial services as a whole, facilitated sessions with experts will deep-dive into the significant topics that affect the New Zealand life insurance sector.


Health Insurance sessions and times


Masterclass Session 2.30PM - 4.30PM

The great Genetics Debate – creating a win-win for customers

This session is designed to deep dive and debate practical issues facing the FSC's Life and Health Insurance sectors. The outcomes will include collaborative industry narratives and practical tools and ideas for members to take back into their businesses.

Followed by networking and conference welcome drinks from 4.30pm - 6.00pm.

16th August 

Breakout session 1.45PM - 2.45PM

Be Confident, Be Courageous: what insurance do customers really need?

There has been some recent reports and commentary about how much risk Kiwis are exposed to by not taking cover. This panel will explore ideas to revolutionise life insurance and make it accessible to all, how to be brave and how to demystify and simplify life insurance cover to meet customer need through accessibility, quality and affordability. What part should social care play and how can we balance the settings between government social policy and private sector insurance to meet the individual needs of New Zealanders?


Breakout session 2.45PM - 3.45PM

Is there a Golden Egg? Balancing of technology, legislation and innovation

Legislation and technology is changing the distribution landscape at rapid pace, with different demographics favouring different access with ‘no advice’ channels and underwriting being delivered through wearable tech. How does the industry balance the support of the human touch with the convenience of AI and technology driven solutions? 


Feel free to attend the breakouts in other areas of focus if there are other sessions you are interested in. See the full programme for what's on over the three days.