Empower Women breakfast at National Strategy for Financial Capability Partners Conference

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April 22, 2024

Empower Women were honoured to have been invited by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission to host a breakfast at the National Strategy for Financial Capability Partners Conference.

This was a great opportunity to connect, kōrero, and determine how we can collectively shift the financial capability dial for women.

If you have attended the National Strategy for Financial Capability Partners Conference before, you will know that it brings together a diverse mix of representatives from financial services, corporate, Government and the community - all working together on the National Strategy action plan for the next three years.

Empower Women was delighted to be part of the conference and we hope you will join us in leading this important conversation, identifying the future action plan in support of women.

About the session

Shifting the dial for women

Hosted by Empower Women, an FSC-led initiative to support the financial confidence, wellbeing and empowerment of women.

Women face unique financial challenges. How do we take action to shift the dial and support women to be financially confident and secure in their financial future?

If you wish to be part of driving this change, please join Empower Women here


Dellwyn Stuart
CEO of YWCA, Co-Founder of Mind The Gap NZ

dellwyn stuart

Stephanie Pow
Founder and CEO of Crayon, NZ's first parental leave register


Emma Mclean
Founder and CEO of Works for Everyone

emma mclean