Watch the investment and KiwiSaver session replays from FSC. Conference

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October 2, 2022

Investment and KiwiSaver were a key focus of FSC. Conference 2022, particularly in light of the market volatility New Zealanders have been experiencing.

Against the backdrop of rising living costs and interest rates, our expert panels debated value for money, the future of KiwiSaver, value for money, positioning portfolios during times of uncertainty, and whether financial literacy begins at home or at school.

If you missed the Conference or simply want to rewatch your favourite investment and KiwiSaver-focused session, view the sessions below. 

Preparing KiwiSavers for 2050: Is KiwiSaver fit for purpose?


Value for money and getting the best outcomes for consumers


Does financial literacy start at home or at school?


Positioning portfolios in very uncertain times